About us

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Deadbeat Duds started out as a side hustle and hobby by me designing some shirts and hand making jewelry for myself, friends and family in my spare time. But since I was a teen it has always been my dream to create my own branded clothing company. A couple years ago I started working towards making this my full-time gig. I hooked up with a couple like-minded associates and here we are.

We are located in Los Angeles, CA, US and carry clothing, jewelry & accessories that express attitude/identity for Bikers, Skaters, Freaks, Geeks, Nerds, Stoners and others that mainstream society might label as slackers or Deadbeats. You won't find wingtips or ties or designer apparel here. But if you ride, skate, game, smoke or nerd out we've probably got something you'll like. Some of the designs found here are our own, some are from suppliers, but ALL of our merchandise is made in and shipped from the US unless otherwise clearly noted in product description.

We try to stay busy creating new shirt designs and looking for new products that will appeal to our customers. If you have a specific shirt design that you would like to have made contact us at deadbeat@deadbeatduds.com and we'll be glad to discuss creating it for you.

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The Deadbeats